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Hope it's is ok to post this here.

Vale Wildlife Hospital in Beckford, Gloucestershire have been adversely affected by the flooding that has occurred all over the Midlands. Most of their site had been under water.
This has had a considerable impact financially on the charity. They have not been able to hold their weekly car-boot on site which generates around £300 per week. Vital funding when your running costs are over £15,000 per month.

If you are in a position to help, please do so - any help, anything at all no matter how small is appreciated more than words alone can express. Thank you!

(The following is taken directly from Vale Wildlife Hospital's website.)


We are using over 150 tins of dog & cat food every day for the hedgehogs, foxes, badgers, gulls & other birds in our care, but our stocks have got so low that we only have enough for about one more day. We have been to local supermarkets, but people seem to be panic-buying everything on the shelves & there is very little pet food there.
Our funds are now at a critical low as fundraising events have been cancelled due to the weather, our usual weekly car boot sales which raise around £300 per week normally have been cancelled - we have to raise around £20,000 per month to continue our work.
We simply cannot afford to buy the food we need.

We are appealing to the public for financial assistance as well as donations of urgently-needed tinned cat & dog food to prevent us from running out.

Can you help? Donate on-line using the donate button below, or click here to go to our financial donations page for others ways to give financial donations. Donations of tinned pet foods can be taken to our centre in Beckford. The address, map and phone number are all available on our contact us page (click here).


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Spring is such a wonderful time of year, isn't it?

I love how the birds are singing so loudly and trees are now all green and luscious again.
We have a pair of magpies nesting in our garden :) They're beautiful birds.

Springwatch starts on Monday I think!
Anyone else excited? :D